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We can assist you whether you’re looking for information about someone or trying to figure out what happened to a lost family member. Our private investigations service is dedicated to providing our clients with the answers they require and deserve. We’re more than simply security guards and armed guards; we’re also skilled investigators that know how to get the job done for our clients.

We take pride in our reputation for delivering high-quality investigations that are based on ethics and experience. While we understand your concerns about engaging a private investigator, you can trust us to treat you with the respect you deserve. We understand how important it is for individuals under investigation or who have lost loved ones to feel comfortable asking questions. That’s why everything we do is confidential and discreet, ensuring that personal information will never be passed on to anyone else without your permission.


Private Investigations Austin TX


Our experience will offer you what you need to ensure that your business or home is secure. Our guards are highly trained professionals who possess accurate judgment and effective verbal skills.  

Private Investigations Austin TX


Our team of security professionals is prepared to provide service 24 hours a day, every single day. We will respond to your situation in an efficient and effective manner so you can return your focus back to what’s important—your livelihood.

Private Investigations Austin TX


No information is shared about you or your business without first receiving your permission. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner so that our clients have full confidence in us while we are on their property.

Private Investigations Austin TX

Respect for others

We recognize that your business or home is important to you, just as our business is important to us. Each of our security guards undergoes training in order to provide effective, efficient service in a variety of situations.

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We specialize in investigations services like infidelity and hidden assets. Austin Security Guard Service’s prices are quite reasonable, and we have a courteous customer care staff to assist you in selecting the best package for your needs.

Austin Security Guard Service is committed to delivering you high-quality services and results that exceed your expectations. We provide a wide range of security services to meet the needs of our clients. Austin Security Guard Service is not just about serving as your private investigators; we strive to become your partner in protecting your business and family.

Austin Security Guard Service: What We Can Do For You

When you’re looking for a private investigator in Austin, TX, our security guard service can provide you with the skilled professional you need to get the job done. We have a team of experienced and qualified investigators that are more than capable of handling any investigation, large or small. We’re skilled in a variety of investigative techniques, so we can handle cases that range from missing persons to background checks and corporate investigations.

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At Security Guard Service of Austin, we provide you with the power to watch over your home, business, or any other area that needs protecting at all times of the day.

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Austin Security Guard Service is a top security guard company in Texas that provides security guard services for a variety of reasons. We protect the property and assets of individuals, businesses, and public institutions to avoid damage, injuries, and losses. Our security guards are highly trained, experienced professionals.

With the Austin Security Guard Service, you may rest easy knowing that our experts are continuously monitoring your properties. To learn more about our services, contact us now at (512) 890-2694.

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