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In today’s economy, many people are looking for ways to make a little extra money. Fraudulent insurance claims can be tempting because it feels like a victimless crime in the short term. However, when you consider how much trouble you can get into if you’re caught committing fraud against an insurer, it becomes obvious that this is not the smartest idea.

If you believe your business has been the victim of somebody committing fraudulent activity, use the button below to contact our insurance claims investigation wing for advice and support from an experienced team of investigators with decades of experience in combatting insurance fraud.


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What is insurance fraud and how can you spot it

Insurance fraud is the act of filing a false claim with an insurance company. It can be hard to spot and this makes it easy for people in positions where they have access or knowledge about what’s going on around them (such as employees), who may take advantage by committing acts that are considered dishonest.

In cases such as this, the insured party tries dishonestly to get money from the insurance company, which serves to do nothing more than cause prices to go up for everybody else, as there must always be a certain percentage of revenue coming in to pay for all of this.

Insurance fraud occurs when someone files fraudulent claims against their own insurer; sometimes these types of situations aren’t necessarily evident until later once evidence has been gathered during an investigation.

Tips for reporting suspected cases of insurance fraud

When you suspect that someone might be committing insurance fraud, the first thing to do is call your state’s Attorney General’s office. The agency has offices in all 50 states and can provide information on how best to handle cases like these as well as give advice about what kind of evidence should or shouldn’t exist before taking legal action against them (i e: physical items vs digital). It will also let people know if they’re free during certain hours so there is less wait time when calling!

The FBI has also released new guidelines for reporting suspected cases of insurance fraud. The agency says it will investigate any claims that appear to be manipulated or false, and can take legal action against those found guilty if appropriate.

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